Camp Persuasive – Meg


I am writing this to tell the world something that if you do not agree with me- that school camps are essential- you do not have any sense. It is that any type of school camp is extremely essential for children of all ages. Don’t think I’m crazy, I have my reasons. Your opinion will soon be changed….

Here are my reasons,

Firstly, getting new and interesting ways of learning into a growing mind is so incredibly important that only a fool would think not. A school camp does exactly what is needed, for a young bright mind. Think about it! Everything in a school camp is new and exciting.


You can get close to the beautiful world of nature, which is rapidly being destroyed. This is especially important because when your child has grown up, this world of nature might not exist. This experience must not be missed.

And finally,

Your child can learn to adapt more quickly to new and challenging environments that you cannot even imagine in the city. But it is not only adapting that you get from camp it is also being independent and making your own responsible is better to learn this earlier rather than later or your child will have to learn it from the start when they get older.

So now it is obvious that going to camp is something that cannot be missed, because your child can get close to nature, and can learn to be independent and adapt to new and challenging environments. So, next time your child gets an invitation to camp, send them there, knowing all the things that I have told you and knowing that they will experience and gain everything.

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